Introducing the LipoGrafter®

The Practical Solution for Large Volume Fat Grafting

The Efficient, Closed System for Atraumatic, Low Pressure, Harvesting, Processing and Grafting of Lipoaspirate

System components:

  • K-VAC Syringe® for constant spring-activated 300 mmHg harvesting pressure
  • AT-Valve® for Atraumatic Tissue Valve automatically transfers without clogging
  • Tubing & Bags for Collection, Processing & Re-injection

Harvest Phase

Step 1

Insert Cannula, Cock Spring

Step 2

Proceed with liposuction till K-VAC Syringe is full and plunger is all the way up. Cock spring

Step 3

Push plunger down again. This will cock spring, and AT-Valve automatically sends lipoaspirate to collection bag… Repeat till bag is full

Processing & Grafting Phase

Step 1

Gravity sedimentation concentrates fat in collection bags (Hang on sterile drape covered IV pole with sterile endotracheal tube stylet for hooks)

Step 2

Graft directly from bag through AT Valve switched to grafting mode

Step 3

Efficient micrografting 0.1 ml /cm pass No wasted motion switching syringes & cannulas

Two Modes of the AT-Valve®

Arrows indicate flow direction To switch modes, interchange position of the cap and the syringe.

Harvesting Mode

Cap on ASP port: Flow from harvesting cannula to K-VAC Syringe out to collection bag.

Grafting Mode

Cap on INJ port: Flow from collection bag to 3 ml injection syringe out to grafting cannula.

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